Join us this weekend.

SUNDAY @ 10:00AM & SATURDAY @ 6:30PM

Are you feeling like there has to be something more than just going to church?

When do we impact our city? When will we see the church actually love those who are hard to love, like JESUS DID? When will we see the passion of the 12 disciples pour out of our own hearts? When do we see the miracles, the signs and wonders (that Acts talks about and that Jesus said we would do) REALLY happen? Is such a powerful God – the creator of all the universe – silent in our desperate generation?


No. He’s not silent. He’s waiting on us.


Do you want to be a part of a community that REALLY WORSHIPS? That REALLY PRAYS? That is committed to REALLY reaching out and impacting our city – not only to build a church, but to build up a whole community with the love of Jesus? Do you want to be a part of a body that is consistently contending for revival in our area? That prays for the sick, that sees the FREEDOM FOUND IN JESUS set people free? Are you tired of feeling like a spectator in a show rather than a RADICAL, PASSIONATE, VIBRANT warrior like the ones who hung around Jesus?

That’s who we are committed to being too. Come join a revival minded community that really wants to BE THE CHURCH.


ready to check us out?